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Tajik National Park "Pamir Mountains" is listed as Natural Site into the UNESCO World Heritage List in June 2013. It is located in the eastern part of Tajikistan, having a territory of over 2.5 million hectares, right at the heart of the Pamir Mountain Unit.

Pamir Mountains is the world's third highest mountain ecosystem after Himalaya and Karakorum mountains; it lies at the center of Pamir Knot - the tangle of the highest mountain ranges on the Eurasian continent. The park is home to Tajikistan's rare species of birds and mammals, including the Marco Polo argali, snow leopard, Siberian ibex and so on. Because of frequent earthquakes, the national park territory is sparsely populated, and practically is not affected by impact of human activities detrimental to nature. Tajik National Park is the largest protected natural area of the country.