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Mount Lishan is a mountain located in the northwest of Xi'an in Shaanxi Province, China. The mountain is part of the Qinling mountain range and rises to a height of 1302 metres above sea level. It is one of the eight scenic spots of the Guanzhong Plain and popularly said to "shine like a beacon in the evening sunlight". Today, Li Mountain National Forest Park is a national level protected site and an AAAA rated tourist attraction classified as a cultural and historic monument.

Some ancient tales say that the literal Chinese name "Black Steed Mountain" stems from its resemblance to a horse whilst others that the name arose during the Shang and Zhou Dynasties because the "Black Steed Tribe", lived in this area. Another legend cites the mountain as the place from where the goddess Nuwa, creator of mankind, repaired the wall of heaven.

Huaqing Pool
Huaqing Pool or Huaqing Hot Spring, a Tang Dynasty hot spring complex, stands at the northern foot of Li Shan Mountain, 30 km east of Xi'an. The pool is famous for its amazing spring scenery and the romantic love story of the owner and his favorite concubine. The garden around the pools was built by Emperor Xuanzong (685-762) during the Tang Dynasty (618-907) near hot springs at the foot of the mountain so he could frolic with his favorite concubine, Yang Guifei. During his reign, the emperor spent a large sum of his funds to build a luxurious palace, reflecting the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty. Huaqing Hot Springs are classcial Chinese garden dotted with green pines, cypresses, lake, halls, pavilions, towers and kiosks, and corridors and paths twists among them.

At the mountainside of Lishan, there is a pavilion marks the spot and there's a simple inscription 'Chiang Kai-shek was caught here', which is related to terms the Xi'an Incident in Dec. 12, 1936. At the summit of the mountain are beacon towers built for defense during the Han dynasty (206BC - 220AD), and there is a temple on the mountain dedicated to the 'Old Mother' Nu Wa who created the human race and even patched up cracks in the sky after a catastrophe.

Travel Tips
Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Telephone: +86 29 83812003
Address: 38 Huaqing Road
Admission: 40 yuan (December to February); 70 yuan (March to November)