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Yardang National Geological Park located at 180 kilometres northwest to Dunhuang City, Gansu province. Yardang National Geological Park situated in the west extension of Anxi-Duanhuang basin, and connected with Luobupo which located at west of Yardang National Geological Park. Yardang National Geological Park belongs to plain area with high to the east and low to the west. Yardang National Geological Park has an area of about 398.4 square kilometres with a length about 15-25 km of from east to west and the width about 15-20 km from north to south.

The elevation of Gansu is decrease from 1050 metres in east to 860 metres in west. North part of Gansu is bedrock area and mountains range from east to west with elevation decreasing from 1500 metres in east to 1100 metres in west. South part of Gansu is mainly desert, which belongs to west extension of Kumtag desert, with a series of crescent dunes and beehive dunes and the levitation is decreased from 1200 metres to 900 metres. Yardang relief remnant is mainly distributed to the north part,south part and southeast part of the park and concentrated in the north part and south part. The overall range of remnants in north part are from south to north while the overall range of remnants in south part are from east to west. The scenes in the north part of the geological park are broad black Gobi composed with black gravels, and are shown as alluvial fans and alluvial groups which distributed in front of mountains. Many wandering dunes distribute from the southwest to the northeast in the geological park. 

The site is classified as a Geological Park under State level protection.  The site is of natural heritage significance, being the largest known area of yardan formation in the world.  Legal protection is provided under the Site Master Plan which details plans for future development of the site and includes measures for the restriction of vehicle and pedestrian access to sensitive areas.  The site is not classified as a cultural heritage site.