2014 Silk Road Join-in Group Tours

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  • Silk Road Express Train
    Luxury Silk Road Exress Train tour packages from Xian, Lanzhou to Urumqi 2014 offers a special experience at a affordable budget
  • Join-in Group Tours
    Join in our small group China Silk Road tours of 3-15 travelers from Xian to Kashgar for less budget
  • Terracotta Army Warriors
    8-day Xian to Urumqi Silk Road Tour by Rail from September 20 to 27, 2014.
  • Jiayuguan Pass
    8-day Lanzhou to Urumqi Silk Road Train Tour from June 7 to 14, 2014
  • Xinjiang Tianshan Mountains
    8-day Urumqi to Xian Silk Road Tour by Rail from September 14 to 21, 2014
  • Labrang Monastery
    Grand Buddhist ceremony of Labrang Monastery is the largest one outside Tibet.
  • Id Kah Mosque
    Id Kah Mosque is the largest Islam shrine for Muslims in China.
  • Karshdar Sunday Bazzar
    Karshgar Sunday Bazzar is top Central Asian ethnic trade market on the ancient Silk Road.
Travel tours & guide to the Silk Road, a great international ancient trade route from China Shaanxi Xian, Ningxia, Gansu Dunhuang, Lanzhou, Turpan, Kashgar Xinjiang, through Central Asia Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan Samarkand, to Turkey, Rome in Mediterranean Sea & Europe. Just trace the trail of Marco Polo Travels across Eurasia.

Top Silk Road ToursSilk Road Train Tours

8-day Xinjiang Silk Road Highlights

This 8 days' tour bring you to see the historical scenes of Silk Route in China, where you will visit many historical wonders, Buddhism temples and beautiful...

10-day Great Silk Road Tour

Just take the comfortable train and flight to explore this great ancient trade route with personal guide, car and driver to see Xian Terra Cotta Warriors,...

12-day Silk Road China Adventure Tour

12 days Silk Road China Adventure Tour covers Beijing Great Wall, Xian Terracotta Warriors, Dunhuang Mogao Caves & Murul Paintings, Turpan depression,...

17-day Silk Road Xinjiang Adventure

The 17 days Silk Road Xinjiang adventure tour give a primary China discovery through Dunhuang Urumqi, Karamay, Turpan, Korler, Kuqa, Aksu, Kashgar, Taxkorgan...

14-day South Xinjiang Silk Route Tour

The Silk Road China travel tour itinerary covers top tourist attracions in Southern Xinjiang such as Urumqi Heavenly Lake, Kashgar Sunday Bazaar, Id Kah...

Join-in Group Silk Road China Tours

Join in our small group China Silk Road tours of 2-15 travelers fixed on May 19, Aug 18, Sep 15, Oct 13, 2014 to truly discover the adventure essence in Xian, Gansu Dunhuang, Xinjiang Urumqi, Kashgar, Turpan at budget price with quality travel service.

Silk Road China Xian to Kashgar Group Tour

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