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Famen Temple Pagoda was originally built during the Northern Zhou Dynasty, by Emperor Huan and also by Emperor Ling of the Eastern Han Dynasty. The literature record indicates that during Northern Wei Dynasty, Famen Temple already existed on a quite large scale. However, Buddhism was greatly suppressed in Emperor Wu's years of Northern Zhou Dynasty, and Famen Temple was almost completely destroyed. After establishment of Sui Dynasty, Buddhism was venerated, and Famen Temple was rebuilt, although it couldn't be recovered to its heyday in Northern Wei Dynasty.

Famen Temple entered its halcyon days after formation of the Tang Dynasty. Wude 1st year ( 618 AC), Tang Dynasty, it was named Famen Temple, and monks were recruited next year. Later the temple took in homeless people from chaos caused by the war at the end of Sui Dynasty,

Famen Temple currently maintains such a layout as Grand Hall following Pagoda. The True Relic Pagoda is regarded as the middle axle of the temple. Before it stand the Front Gate, the Front Hall, and behind it is the Grand Hall of Great Sage. This is the typical layout of the early Buddhist temples in China.

The temple house a lot of precious relics such as Buddha's finger bone of famous monk, Gold & Silver Relics, Colored Glaze, Ceramics, Silk, Figure of Buddha, Namaste Dagoba and more.