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 Xian’s Tang Dynasty Show and Jiaozi Banquet is a fantastic experience. The city of Xian was China’s capital for 13 dynasties and its glorious history can be seen throughout the city. The Tang Dynasty (618-907), is considered the most culturally affluent dynasty in China’s history and its colorful music and culture is brought to life in the Tang Dynasty Show.

Before the show, visitors are treated to a Jiaozi banquet. Jiaozi are thin skinned dumplings filled with fruits, meats, and/or vegetables. They are very delicious and the banquet is all you can eat. Each Jiaozi is a work of art and are as beautiful as they are delicious.

The show is very colorful and exciting. The traditional Tang Dynasty clothing was flowing and bright colored and lends itself beautifully to the music of the time. Musicians in period clothing play music as the dancers spin and twist to the music, their long sleeves flowing along behind. It is a wonderful addition to China tours.