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Xian’s Ancient Bell Tower was the ancient city’s time-keeper. Built in 1384, during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the tower is the largest and best preserved bell tower left in China. Located in the exact center of the ancient city of Xian, its four sides face the four gates in Xian’s Ancient City Wall. The bell, which is in the Forest of Stone Steles Museum, could be heard many kilometers away and was used to tell the time, give warnings, and signal events.

The tower occupies an area of 1,377 square meters and is 40 meters tall. The tower features a tall square stone foundation with the wooden tower sitting on top. The wooden tower has three eaves with a staircase which goes up the interior. The foundation has a large arched entrance on all four sides which bisect in the center of the tower. Since each entrance faced each of the cardinal directions, it was used as a road and vehicles passed underneath it. The tower is particularly stunning at night when lit up. Nearby the Ancient Bell Tower is the Ancient Drum Tower. They are both great additions to all China tours.