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Kyrgyzstan Attractions

The Great Silk Road was an ancient trading route appeared in the third century B.C. and in use till to 16th century. It is a great established networks of caravan roads crossed Enurope and Asia from the Mediterranean to China; it was once the most important means of trade and dialogue between cultures of the west and the East from ancient times to the middle Ages.

Kyrgyzstan is on the Great Silk Road. The Great Silk Road glows in the imagination as the world's richest exchange of trade and culture. Caravans of camels, men and horses bore lazurite, silver and spices across thousands of miles, but the unseen interaction of ideas and religions was perhaps its greatest glory, enlightening civilizations from Chang'an to Rome. Then as now, Kyrgyzstan stood at a crossroads, China's gateway to the west.

Travel to Kyrgyzstan nowadays along the ancient Silk Road, and see some old sites like the Tash-Rabat Caravanserai, which witness the ancient trading route since 10th; Osh is the Kyrgyzstan's oldest city, also a trading city on the silk route – rich in cultural relics, fruit and nut forests, vibrant bazarrs…Ozgon known as Yu in Silk Road times, was once the capital of the Karakhanid Dynasty which brought Islam to the Kyrgyz in the 10th century. Here, three mausoleums and a minaret, all exquisitely carved in terracotta, are the lone relics of this sophisticated ancient epoch.