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Urumqi Attractions

The Grand Bazaar, located in Xinjiang Province Urumqi City is an unforgettable place. Located on the Ancient Silk Road, the city of Urumqi has had a huge bazaar for thousands of years. The bazaar is very unique and combines cultures and has stalls selling an incredible selection of items from the local Uyghur Ethnic Minority Group, Russia, and China. Carpets, silk, musical instrument, embroidery, jade, and so much more can be found in the bazaar.

Xinjiang carpets are famous for their artistic beauty and craftsmanship. Made of wool, their bright colors and designs reflect the Uyghur people.

Atlas silk, a local fabric worn by the Uyghur people is known for its bright colors. The silk is very soft and used by the local people in their clothing and also as an interior decoration for their homes.

The Uyghur Ethnic Minority Group has a unique culture and their handicrafts are unlike any found elsewhere in China. Their knitted clothing, embroidery and jade carvings all make wonderful gifts or reminders of people taking China tours.

The Grand Bazaar offers visitors a chance to mingle with locals and see what life has been like for the residents of Urumqi have lived for centuries. The bazaar also has a banquet hall, mosque, and open-air stage. It is a fantastic experience.