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Tang Paradise, the first imperial garden of the cultural theme park to expose the wonders of the Tang Dynasty in a comprehensive manner, is located in the original site of Tang Lotus Garden. Covering an area of 65acres, it is designed to the concept of experience history, human culture and life style, brings forth from the least detail of the architectural style of the Royal Culture, Poetic Culture, Folk-custom Culture, Food Culture, Women's Culture, Tea Culture, Religion Culture, Science Culture, Diplomatic Culture, Imperial Civil Examination, Entertainment and Gate, the brilliant civilization of Tang Dynasty alive before the eyes of visitors.

The garden holds a host of richly ornamented pavilions and verandas of delicate Tang style, including many scenic spots like Ziyun (Purple Cloud) Tower Block, Elegant Lady Area, Imperial Banquet Hall, Tang Paradise Hotel, Phoenix Theater, Apricot Garden, Lu Yu Teahouse, etc.
What is more, there are wonderful shows at various scenic spots of the Garden, like Drum Performance, office in charge of imperial music palace performance, pretty dressing Tang ladies trappings performance, Number One Scholar Touring around the Apricot Garden performance, lion dance, stilt and acrobatics shows.

There is the world's biggest water screen film show every evening, featuring music, fountains, lasers, skyrockets and other special effects, which shocked visitors by stereoscopic perception. The large-scale musical pantomime of Dream back to Tang Dynasty which features grand setting equivalent that of the fairyland, has been staged in Singapore and won overwhelming success. On weekends and holidays, a variety of grand theme activities will be held here, offering the visitors unbounded joys and pleasures.
With its unique cultural appeal and unexampled historic position in China, the Tang Paradise has become the ancestral hall and spiritual home to all Chinese in the world. It would certainly bring back the finest of the great Tang culture before the eyes of all visitors.