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Shanghai Tower to Host Exhibition of Mogao Grottoes

An exhibition featuring replicas of the famous Mogao Grottoes will open at Shanghai Tower, the world's second tallest building, on April 28.

Apart from the three replica grottos that are of the same size as the ones in China's Gansu province, 118 precious national-level cultural relics, including a bronze statue named "Galloping Horse Treading on a Flying Swallow" from the East Han Dynasty (AD 25-220), will be on display during the exhibition.

Jointly organized by the Gansu Provincial Administration of Cultural Heritage, Dunhuang Research Academy, Gansu Provincial Museum, Shanghai Tower and other institutions, the event will provide visitors an immersive experience by leveraging virtual reality and other advanced technologies.

More than 50 events related to culture, fashion, music, literature and poetry will be held during the exhibition that will last till the end of June.

From the perspective of the 24 solar terms, the Longtaitou Festival falls around the Rain Water, Awakening of Insects and Spring Equinox periods, at a time when many parts of China are in the rain season. Ancient people believed rain was the dragon's contribution, as the dragon was both an auspicious creature and dominated the weather. Timely wind and rain makes for good farming. The mural in Cave 23 of Mogao Grottoes portrays a farming scene in gentle rain.