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Things to Do in Turpan

Uygur singing and dancing showEveryday after sunset the temperature drops rapidly in Turpan but the nightlife heats up as people gather together in bars, discos, cinemas and clubs to relax. Although the nightlife is not as well developed as it is in other modern cities in China, it is well patronized by locals who are looking for entertainment after a hard day's work.
The Real Love Club is one of the top-grade KTV in the city. It is very popular among young people with its gorgeous decoration and outstanding facilities. The sound effects in the club are particularly excellent and make every singer sound like a superstar. The food is also very delicious
Address: No.321, Oasis Road

The Tian Yi Jiao Amusement World is also a popular KTV in the city.
Address: Min Mao Mansion, Old City District
Opening Hours: 13:00-24:00

Another popular place is the Turpan Tourist Culture Square. This multi-functional square is an ideal place for visitors to relax and enjoy the beautiful night-time atmosphere of the

Uygur Dancecity. As the night falls, colorful neon lights are lit and these enhance the beauty of the  surrounding buildings. In the middle of the square, there is a big fountain whose water spouts rhythmically with the music.
The Uygur people are known for their singing and dancing. Visitors can see a Uygur Singing and Dancing Show in nearly all of the star-level hotels. Even some small hostels have these kinds of shows. The Grape Valley is also an ideal venue to enjoy a show. During the Grape Festival the show can be seen in every corner of the city.

Customs and Taboos:
When traveling in Turpan, you should pay attention to Muslim customs and taboos in particular.
1) Do not poke the food in dishes or get close to the kitchen.
2) Never eat pork or talk about pigs when a Muslim is present.
3) Do not wear clothing that is short and too revealing.
When receiving something, you should use both of your hands to show your thanks and respect to the host.