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Located on the northern bank of Yellow River, the White Pagoda Hill is 1700 m high above the sea level, and has two passes of its foot, the Jincheng Pass and Yudie Pass, both of which are the important military fortresses in the ancient ages.

The hill is named after a white pagoda of its hilltop, which was originally built during Yuan Dynasty to commemorate a famous lama who died in Lanzhou. The existing pagoda was rebuilt during Ming Dynasty with 7 storeys and 8 faces, carved Buddhas on each face and iron bells on eaves.

Established as a park in 1958, the White Pagoda Park has an area of 8000 squares with 3 groups of building, most of which were built against the mountain, connected with pavilions and corridors. The White Pagoda Hill boasted for 3 treasures, elephant skin drum, bronze bell and Chinese redbud tree, though the tree died for lack of water long time ago. Getting to the top of the hill, the full view of Lanzhou city and winding Yellow River can be well appreciated. It has become a symbol of Lanzhou City and one of the must-see sights in Lanzhou.  

Getting there:
Take buses NO.20, 35, 53, 108 or 131, get off at the stop of White Pagoda Hill Park (Bai Ta Shan Gong Yuan)