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Itchan Kala is a part of ancient Khiva, the inner town that protected by 10 meters high wall; it is located to the south of Amu Darya River in Khorezm region of Uzbekistan and also known as the last resting-place of caravans before crossing desert to Iran. It is the well preserved example of the Muslim architecture of Central Asia, and the outstanding structures are Djuma Mosque, the mausoleums and the madrasas and the two magnificent palaces built at the beginning of the 19th century by Alla-Kulli-Khan.

The Itchan Kala now is an open-air museum, surrounded by wall and turned into the State Historical Archaeological Museum of Uzbekistan. The clay wall is more than 2 kilometers long, up to 5-6 meters at thickness and 10 meters in height. There are four gates on each direction.

In Itchan-Kala there are about 60 historic buildings. Here one can see such unique monuments of history, as the citadel complex Kunya-Ark, the complex of Tash Hauli Palace, the minaret of Caltha Minor that is completely covered with glazed tiles, famous Juma Mosque with its 218 carved pillars, a symbol of Khiva Islam-Khoja minaret, etc.