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The Sangke Grasslands (Sangke caoyuan) lies 10km southwest of Xiahe Town, with an average altitude of over 3,000m above sea level. The grassland is named for the summer-blooming Sangke flowers that form a natural carpet extending to the far horizons. Reflecting sky and mountains, the Daxia River twists through grass and earth like an undulating silk belt.

The scenery was really amazing - blue sky and vast grasslands with mountains in the distance. In recent years, Sangke Grassland has attracts lots of tourists from all over the world for its Tibetan amorous feelings. Every summer the pastureland covered with grasses seems to be a carpeted lawn with all kinds of flowers vying for beauty.

With a fresh and cool weather it is an ideal place for returning to nature in which visitors can be free from summer heat while getting to know something about the nomadic life of the Tibetan people. Visitors can also travel by bicycle or on horseback. It is possible to stay overnight with a local family or to rent a tent and experience Tibetan food such as yak-butter tea, stuffed steamed buns, mutton, and Zanba (a traditional Tibetan staple food of roasted highland barley flour).