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German Symphony Orchestra Gives Concert in Xi'an Port

Germany's Heidelberg Philharmonic Orchestra performed a concert at Xi'an Port on Sept 6, providing a symphonic delight for residents in Xi'an.

Hosted by the administrative committee of the Xi'an International Trade and Logistics (ITL) Park, the concert was organized to promote the foreign cultural trade, encouraging more exchanges with the countries along the Belt and Road.

Conducted by Jesko Sirven, the orchestra played world-famous pieces from Beethoven and Tchaikovsky in collaboration with German violinist Liv Migdal, feting Xi'an music lovers with an air of classical romance.

After the concert, ITL Park presented the orchestra with a xun, an ancient egg-shaped wind instrument, to pay back their efforts with a treat from traditional Chinese folk music.

The Heidelberg Philharmonic Orchestra, based in southwest Germany, boasts hundreds of the instrumentalists and holds regular concerts at Heidelberg's City Concert Hall.