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Bingling Temple Grottoes is one of five Grottoes in China, lies in the north of where the Yellow River empties into the Liujiaxia Reservoir of Yongjing County, Lanzhou City.
The first Grottoe was begun in 420 during West Qin Dynasty (385-400) with a history of 1600 years. Cave was continuously dug and more grottoes were added during the Wei, Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing dynasties.

Today, there are 183 caves, 694 stone sculptures, 82 clay statues and fresco of 900 meters, stretching 200 meters along the western bank of the Temple Channel on a 60-meter-high cliff. With the giant Buddha of No.169 Cave being the main part, the 183 caves are scattered in upper temple, lower temple, temple channel as well as the Buddha terrace.
Bingling Temple is famous for its stone sculptures. The NO.169 cave is the essence of the Bingling Temple Grottoes with the longest history and biggest scale.  

Getting there:
Take a bus from Lanzhou City to Liujiaxia Reservoir in one hour, and then you can take a yacht to get there directly with 2 hours. It is only open from July to November every year.