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The historic center of Shakhrisyabz is located on the Silk Road in southern Uzbekistan with an history of over 2000 years ago. It was once the important center of politic & culture of Kesh region in the 14th and 15th century, and particularly to the period of its apogee, under the rule of Amire Temure and the Temurids.

The exceptional monuments and ancient quarters can be found within the medieval walls, and parts of the ancient walls are still remaining today. Construction of elements continued in Shakhrisyabz throughout different time periods, lending a unique character to the place by the succession of different architectural styles. Despite the inroads of time, the remaining vestiges are still impressive in the harmony and strength of styles, an enriching addition to the architectural heritage of Central Asia and the Islamic world.

The Ak-Sarai Palace – firstly constructed in 1380, featuring at immense gate which is outstanding in its dimension and bold design. The palace was built by artisans in ancient times.

The Dorus Saodat - a vast complex which was destined as a place of burial for the ruling family and contained, in addition to the tombs themselves, a prayer hall, a mosque, and accommodation for the religious community and pilgrims. The main façade was faced with white marble. The tomb of Temur, also of white marble, is a masterpiece of the architecture of this period and it is also one of the finest memorials to be found in Central Asia.

The covered Chor-su Bazzar - located on the cross-roads of two main streets of the city, has many local specialties for sale and worth a visit. Besides the monuments, the town of Shakhrisyabz offers a variety of interesting modern architecture, including including the Mirhamid, Chubin, Kunduzar, and Kunchibar mosques.