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Urumqi Attractions

Red Hill Park (Hongshan Park) is a pleasant spot to visit to get your bearings when you first arrive in this modern city. The views from the top of the mountain of the surrounding countryside and breathtaking mountains, make the steep (but short) climb worthwhile.
The mountain peak stands 1391 meters above sea level. Climb up to the top, where you can stop and sit down for a drink and enjoy fabulous views over the city with the snow capped mountains behind. Numerous legends are associated with the mountain, including a few scary tales about a dragon that inhabits the hillside!
A Qing Pagoda (Zhenlong Ta) can be found half way up the mountain. This was built by one of the emperors to ward off the evil dragon and his spirits! There are also a few fairground rides within the grounds here, and a lake to boat on. This is a popular spot.